Auditory Learner

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Confessions of an Auditory Learner

“I hear you”…

“That sounds about right”…

“That rings a bell”…

“That’s music to my ears”…


My language is all about sounds. I remember what I hear more easily than what I read. I prefer to listen and present orally rather than read and write. I may have trouble following complex written instructions. I love music and I am usually talkative in class. I am often found singing, humming, or whistling to myself.

How to help me learn:

  • Auditory learners tend to do well in the traditional classroom where information is presented lecture style and student discussions are the norm.
  • Regulate voice tone, inflection, and body language to maintain interest and attention.
  • Read directions out loud.
  • Present the information orally, especially if it is complex. Help me break down the charts and diagrams into sentences and words.
  • Sometimes I learn by talking it out. I am not trying to be disruptive; I’m trying to cement the concepts. Allowing time for group discussion allows me this in a way that works for both of us.
  • Encourage me to read out loud from the book.
  • Let me watch a movie.
  • Help me tape myself reading vocabulary words.
  • Test me orally to ensure understanding. Let me give an oral presentation to the class.
  • Encourage me to use word association to remember facts.
  • Encourage me to make a rhyme or use rhythm when creating mnemonics and other memory aids.
  • Let me put the information into a jingle or a song.
  • Help me develop my other learning styles. Charts and diagrams are difficult for me, and they are used to quickly present a lot of information. Encourage me to make notes, group information by concept, create visual links and charts, diagrams, or other visual model.

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