The Twist

 Tutoring…With A Twist offers a unique multi-faceted program including:

• Advancement in Academic Subjects

• Enhancement of Life Skills

• A Collaborative Team Approach

• Individualized Twisted Tutoring Plan

• BC Certified Team of Teachers

• Guaranteed Success Beyond The Classroom

The key aspect of the “Twist” part of our programming is that not only will our Learners walk away more proficient in the academic subject identified by them, but also in a pre-determined life skill. Life skills can easily be overlooked in the course of mastering content.  A Learner may simply need to learn how to raise their hand to ask a question in class! How wonderful would it be to learn to ask for what you need at an early age!

Traditionally tutoring is looked at sitting down with a studentʼs homework and/or giving learners, regardless of who they are, the same worksheets to increase their competence in a particular area. We believe that is a band-aid solution, meaning that it will help in the moment but not for life. As well, each person we tutor has an individualized program made just for them, not just homework help or a pre-made worksheet!

Our hope is that our Learners are so proficient by the time they leave us ( not only the academic area but also in the life skill area) that they should not need to return. Yes, we are suggesting that we are working ourselves out of a job!

Our one-on-one tutoring service allows for our tutors to come to your house, meet you at the local public library or even come to your previously booked extra-curricular activity!

The “Twist” in Tutoring….With A Twist is a short term solution with long terms results that guarantees success beyond the classroom!