Home School Tutoring

Many parents have taken the initiative to home school their children, either through an online agency or through a combination of online services and teacher-lead activities. With changes to the Education Act in British Columbia, this has opened new opportunities for parents and students to think of education differently. Students can do a combination of traditional schooling and home schooling. And with this new wave of educational opportunity, students, or parents, still need help.

Sometimes it’s that parents don’t have the necessary time to help their children. Sometimes it’s because parents, though meaning well, simply don’t have the training or resources available to them. This is especially true as children grow and their needs change, or subjects become more difficult. For these reasons, many parents turn to home school tutors who can help ease the workload for parents, provide trained expertise in specific subjects, and expose students to other styles of teaching.

Parents and students have countless reasons for pursuing home schooling, or a combination thereof. One key reason that we’ve heard at Tutoring…With A Twist is that parents want their children to have success in life, not just in a school setting. This where Tutoring…With A Twist excels above all other tutoring options. Our proven system guarantees success beyond the classroom.

Tutoring…With A Twist provides mobile Twisted Tutoring services on Central and South Vancouver Island that can teach any level and any ability!

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