3 Big Reasons You Need to Consider Summer Math Tutoring

Summer is an exciting time to be a kid! School is out, endless days in the sunshine are on the horizon, and they finally get a break from their challenging subjects.

But what if this brain break hurts more than it helps? Let’s talk about 3 reasons your family should consider summer math tutoring for your child especially given how much time in school has been lost due to the pandemic.

3. Avoid The Summer Slide

Math is a challenging subject for a lot of children, so the aversion to learning more of it makes sense. But taking a break from math can make it even harder to learn math during the next school year.

Plenty of research has proven a phenomenon called the “Summer Slide” in which kids lose months’ worth of grade level equivalency math skills over the summer months. The vast majority of kids score lower on standardized tests after summer break. So much for “recharging” their brains!

Ultimately, two things happen with the summer slide:

  • Kids forget lessons they previously learned
  • Kids have to start the school year re-learning old skills before they’re ready for their grade level

The B.C. curriculum is fast paced and doesn’t give kids the opportunity to re-learn months’ worth of lessons when they return. Most teachers will spend a week or two doing review and then it’s time to move on—regardless of where the kids’ skills are at. Talk about a tough challenge!

Summer tutoring allows children to continue to exercise their math skills in a casual and fun setting. They retain the skills they learned and start the new school year ready to take on the brand new lessons!

2. Break Up The Boredom

We’ve talked to many parents who know their children turn into little zombies by the end of the summer break because they’re incredibly bored. Even kids in day camps seem to tire of the activities (or, perhaps, the other kids…) By the end of summer, it’s common for kids to have lost the spark of excitement they had at the beginning of the season.

Math tutoring can be the perfect opportunity to keep kids engaged and excited throughout the summer!

“Math tutoring is exciting?”

Your skepticism is understandable but YES, summer math tutoring is exciting when it’s done properly. Math tutoring with our team is exciting for the participants because it:

  • Builds confidence & self-esteem that carries through to other aspects of life
  • Gives a sense of purpose and productivity
  • Allows kids to hang with cool adults who give their undivided attention
  • Envelops them in a positive environment that encourages happiness
  • No academic pressure; learn in a stress-free setting!

Summer math tutoring is also the perfect opportunity to get away from dry curriculum and shake things up a bit. Summer tutors can play (math) games, develop fun exercises, and let the student take more of the lead on what lessons they want to build on.

1. Practice Skills that Will Support Kids for Life

carefree summerThe most obvious benefits of tutoring are improved academic performance, an increased sense of confidence and self-worth, and the end to that dreaded homework battle. But tutoring teaches kids additional skills that support their success in life, completely outside the realm of math and academics. And like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get!

Here are a few of the skills that summer students practice:

  • Study skills / the ability to “practice” learning
  • Time management & organization
  • Setting & working towards goals
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication skills
  • And more!

When your family works with tutors who follow our Twisted methodology, the benefits of summer tutoring extend well beyond the classroom. Kids learn how to become happy, healthy people, and they grow on a personal and professional level.

How are you supporting your kids’ learning this summer? Join the conversation and let us know on Facebook!

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