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Alternative learning studentCOVID-19 has drastically changed the way we do things, and it continues to create a need for methods of alternative learning in BC. It’s difficult to anticipate if and how public schools will operate in the fall, so it’s important to have a backup plan. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure students of all ages still have access to proper education. This post will explore the best options for alternative learning in BC.


Consider Delaying KindergartenAlternative learning kindergarten

The idea of holding children back from their first year of school has been gaining traction for a while now. More and more parents are deciding to delay kindergarten, and if you have a young one at home, you may wish to do the same.

Kindergarten has changed a lot over the years, and the way parents view it has changed as well. Some people feel that their five-year-olds aren’t ready to start school, so they hold them back to create more opportunities for development outside of school. This idea is becoming more and more popular, and parents and children alike are having success with it.

Even if schools are open again in the fall, it might be a good idea to keep your young ones home. This would ensure their safety and give them a chance to hone the reading, writing, and numeracy skills they’ll need to succeed in kindergarten. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help teach the core elements of the curriculum, allowing you to provide a top-level education from home. If you are feeling like you need an educational plan, our tutoring team would be happy to help create one.


Online and Distributed LearningAlternative learning online

Due to COVID-19, the need for methods of alternative learning in BC is greater than ever. Since the future of education is still uncertain, it’s worth getting acquainted with options outside of the public school system. One of the best ways to stay in school is with online learning.

Online learning allows students and parents to stay in direct contact with teachers from the comfort of home. You can get real-time updates regarding assignments and grades so you’re always on track. Using our tutors is helpful as we can be the bridge between the online school and your family!

Unlike traditional school, online learning encourages students to go at their own pace and look deeper into subjects that really interest them. This eliminates the stress associated with struggling to keep up and helps students develop a true love of learning.

While everything is accessible online, students who wish to complete their assignments in physical form have the ability to work with paper as well. Online learning is all about making school more comfortable and accommodating for students, and it serves as a fantastic alternative, especially considering the uncertain future of brick-and-mortar schools. If you’d like more information about online learning, we’ve created a guide to online learning where we answer all of your questions and more!

There are many options for alternative learning in BC. We have always reviewed alternative options for our tutoring families and worked with them once enrolled. With an increased interest in this avenue of learning, we will continue to do so. To this end, check out our blogs on School District 68’s Island Connect Ed (ICE) and the North Island Distance Education School (NIDES) program. As always, our twisted tutors are more than happy to help in any way they can, and their services can act as a great supplement to the many benefits of moving to online learning.



Homeschooling is another method of alternative learning in BC. If you would like to have a hand in shaping your child’s educational experience, homeschooling is a great way to do it. This comes with pros and cons, both of which will be highlighted here.


  • The ability to create lessons that work for your child
  • The knowledge of everything your child is learning
  • Lessons do not have to strictly follow the BC curriculum
  • You can use any resources at your disposal to help teach
  • Religious texts may be used if desired


  • Lessons are not invigilated by a certified teacher
  • Students must be supervised by parents at all times
  • Report cards and progress updates are not provided
  • Students are not eligible for a graduation certificate (Dogwood diploma)

Homeschooling certainly has its perks, and it’s important to weigh your options before committing to it. If you think homeschooling might be right for your child, consider checking out our collection of education resources to help you along.

Our twisted tutors are available to help with homeschooling as well, and they would love to work with your child. Homeschooling allows for more flexible curriculum options, and that creates an opportunity to incorporate our patented life skills education. If you decide to get twisted with us, we’ll ensure your child is ready for the real world and everything it can throw their way.

As part of our initiative to give back to the community, our tutoring team is offering free homeschool help for parents. Don’t miss out!


Making the ChangeAlternative learning family

After using methods of alternative learning for so long, students and parents are likely to have a difficult time transitioning back to regular school. The experience is different for each household, and every teacher is organizing things in their own way. Distance education has been similar to traditional school for some, but it has been more relaxed for others.

Once brick-and-mortar schools are running again, there will be a transition period for students and parents alike. To ensure that everyone keeps up with their good habits in the meantime, we’re available to help.

Our twisted tutors offer their services all year, and they look forward to helping students maintain forward momentum during the summer. Tutoring is a great way to build and uphold healthy practices with regards to learning, especially when the kids are out of school or have been out of school so much this year. We can take the stress away from distance education and make the transition a smooth one. If you think you’re ready to try tutoring, ask yourself these 6 questions to see if tutoring is right for you.


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We would love to be a part of your child’s success as you explore methods of alternative learning in BC. If you want to learn more about how tutoring can help you and your child during these difficult times, feel free to contact us.

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