The Top 5 Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Summer break is here and we know many families are looking forward to the reprieve from schoolwork and student activities. Yet, more and more families are tutoring in between all the ice cream, trips to the lake, and fun and games of summer—and for great reasons! In this post, we talk about the top 5 benefits of summer tutoring.

5. Retain Skills & Knowledge Already Learned

The first and most recognized reason to continue tutoring through the summer is to maintain academic success. Studies show that kids who take a break from learning during the summer are prone to a phenomenon known as the “summer slide.”

Kids who experience the summer slide lose up to two months of the academic progress they made the year before. Just as kids progressively learn more during the school year, they progressively lose their knowledge during the summer break!

This slide can affect a number of different subjects and is known to be particularly detrimental to:

  • Reading skills
  • Math proficiency

This can be particularly damaging to kids in older grades. For example, high school math skills build upon each other every year, so it is essential to know the previous year’s content in order to proceed with the new content. The summer becomes a major step backward in high school students’ education.

So, how do parents fight the summer slide?

Easy: get your kids to practice their skills! A summer tutor is the perfect opportunity for kids to exercise their brains and maintain their education. By the time September rolls around, your kids will be ready to pick up right where the past year left off.

4. Learn Super Cool New Things Through Summer Tutoring

ladybug on leafThroughout the school year, tutoring focuses heavily on the curriculum set by the government. Some kids thrive off of this type of learning while others would prefer to pursue other passions.

Summer tutoring is a great opportunity to dive right into the topics that genuinely interest your kid. It’s the perfect way to learn something new, expand knowledge in an area of passion, and build up confidence.

Imagine the things you could do if you had a set period of time devoted to exploring whatever educational topic you wanted. What new things would you learn? How would this improve your personal growth? Could you find a new career path?

A summer tutor can help guide kids through this super fun, exploratory opportunity. They can keep learning somewhat structured, while enabling kids to actively learn new things about the world around them.

3. Practice Important Life Skills

life skills bookWe all have life skills we can improve upon. Regardless of age, experience or personality, every person on planet Earth could improve something about the way they take on life. But how many of us have the chance to actually do it?

Summer tutoring with Tutoring…With A Twist* gives kids the opportunity to practice skills that will set them up for success for the rest of their lives.  These skills may include:

  • Self-motivation
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Creating & achieving goals
  • Study skills
  • Test & exam strategies

Our tutors are trained to teach kids how to become happy, healthy people. We teach kids the skills and tools that will help them achieve better results in the classroom and find success in the world.

As distance education becomes more prevalent, it’s becoming increasingly important for students to take responsibility for their learning. Summer tutoring can help students create their own schedules and get comfortable with the idea of managing their own affairs. These skills will prove invaluable all throughout school, and they’ll give students a leg up as they transition into adulthood later on.

2. Build Confidence & Self-Esteem with Summer Tutoring

fairies in fieldTutoring is a phenomenal way to help build happy, confident children! Summer tutoring does this by continuing to build up foundational skills and knowledge, and by reminding kids that they can learn almost anything they put their time and energy into.

Numerous studies have shown a direct link between academic success and self-esteem. By nurturing our kids’ ability to learn and improve skills, summer tutoring directly improves students’ self-esteem as well.

Due to social distancing requirements, many kids have had a hard time getting their normal dose of social interaction. Socially distanced summer tutoring allows children to interact in a meaningful way and practice their interpersonal skills. Regular socializing helps develop a child’s confidence, and our twisted tutors can make sure your kids aren’t missing out.

Best of all, summer tutoring comes without the stress and pressure of tutoring during the school year. Kids don’t have to worry about an upcoming test or assignment and, instead, simply gain the benefits of becoming more confident learners!

1. Keep Summer Boredom At Bay

girl holding eggsSummer is tough—on parents, at least! It’s challenging to find 90 days of entertaining activities to keep kids active and having fun. Fortunately, summer tutoring can be a great way to fill in the schedule! It’s a healthy activity that reaps some serious benefits (see above!) while keeping the kiddos entertained.

Tutors can also assign activities or homework that can keep kids busy in between sessions. Imagine your child’s summer days filled with missions like this:

  • Create a bug journal to practice biology
  • Make an amazing rock collection for geology
  • Write in a journal to improve English skills
  • Cook meals to practice math and chemistry

A summer tutor can keep your child engaged with so many fun-filled lessons and activities that they might forget they’re actually learning!

What is your favourite benefit to summer tutoring? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

*Services provided by With a Twist Education Ltd.

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  1. It was really helpful that you mentioned summer tutoring can be helpful in maintaining proficiency in skills learned in school. My son has been a little hard to take onto math and I’ve been considering hiring a math tutor for him. Maybe I’ll have to try it and see how it helps him with his studies.

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