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How Does Online Math Tutoring Work?

Much of the world has shifted to doing business online, and this is certainly the case with education. Although schools are open, many teachers are operating their classrooms with an online component alongside their in-person instruction. And, while some math tutors are offering in-person sessions, many have switched to online math tutoring.

So, how does online math tutoring work? Surely it’s nowhere near as effective as in-person tutoring, right? Well, you might be surprised!

What Does Online Math Tutoring Look Like?

One of the reasons tutoring is so effective stems from the one-on-one engagement tutoring provides. It might seem difficult to replicate this from a distance, but it’s easier than you think!

Online math tutors use programs with voice and video capabilities (such as Zoom and Skype) to stay connected with students. This makes it feel like the tutor is right there while abiding by social distancing guidelines. Students can participate with any convenient device, including a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone.

From there, online math tutoring is a breeze! Tutors can share notes, create examples, and work with students in a way best suited to them. In this way, it’s just as effective as in-person tutoring, perhaps even more so! See for yourself in the video below.

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Major Benefits of Online Math Tutoring

In-person tutoring has many proven benefits, and online math tutoring achieves those same outcomes. A skilled online math tutor can take things to a whole new level and enhance the experience beyond expectation. A few notable perks are listed below, but there are many more!

Easily Take Notes

Working online makes it easy to take notes. If students want physical copies of notes, they can jot down notes on paper while engaging with their lesson. Alternatively, online math tutors can save their online examples and email them directly to students for later reference. Whichever is preferred, online math tutors can make it happen.

Quickly Share Material

It might seem difficult for students to share their assignments with online tutors, but it’s actually quite easy! Students can take pictures of their work and email it to tutors so they can see it too. The tutor can bring it up on the screen and work on it together with the student. This is even better than in-person tutoring because students and tutors can draw on the same page at the same time.

Also, it’s much easier for students and tutors to share any extra materials through online math tutoring. Gone are the days of flipping through binders and looking for a specific page. With everything online, documents, worksheets, and notes are available with the click of a button!

Appeal to Each of the Learning Stylesonline math tutoring learning styles

In-person tutoring is known for effectively teaching students using their preferred learning style, and this can be done with online math tutoring as well.

The online platform makes it easy for students and tutors to work with colour and draw perfect geometric shapes to benefit visual learners. This means students can create unique notes and patterns that work for them.

Auditory learners have an opportunity to explain their understanding to reinforce key points. This gives students a chance to be the tutor and teach the concepts back for greater comprehension. Also, tutors can easily pull up math-related songs to aid with memorization.

Kinesthetic learners can interact with their immediate environment, getting up and moving around to engage with hands-on learning. Whether they’re physically measuring nearby objects or just bouncing around on an exercise ball, kinesthetic learners will feel comfortable with online math tutoring.

Stay Safe During the Pandemic

At the moment, safety is one of the most appealing benefits of online math tutoring. Students can stay within the comfort of home while receiving high-quality education. That’s the kind of service a person can get used to!

Endless Virtual Paper (and no erasing!)

From a purely practical standpoint, having unlimited paper would be amazing, and online math tutoring provides that! Using an online drawing board or document removes the need for paper, and it makes corrections easy. Mistakes can be undone with one button, and that means no more time spent erasing and no more half-erased pencil lines.

With this in mind, online tutoring is also better for the environment. Everything can become paperless, so you can feel good about saving the trees while your student succeeds.

Peace of Mind for Parents

After speaking with our twisted families, the feedback is unanimous—they love online math tutoring! Parents enjoy having easy access to their child’s education resources, be they notes, videos, or worksheets. It’s all a breeze with online math tutoring!

Our twisted families also find a great deal of value in the ever-present support provided by online math tutoring. They appreciate how tutors can work with their child’s teachers to get everyone on the same page. Most importantly, they rest assured knowing their tutor is there for them no matter what the world throws their way.

Try Online Math Tutoring Todayonline math tutoring success

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