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How to Find a Fantastic Science Tutor

Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein—the field of science owes much to the discoveries of these exceptional individuals, and the field of science is always looking for more such exceptional individuals! It all starts with a passion and curiosity for exploring the natural world, and that’s exactly what a fantastic science tutor can instill in a student.

fantastic science tutor passionThe Importance of Science

Science, to put it plainly, is the process through which no stone is left unturned. By engaging with the scientific method, students learn how to make predictions, conduct experiments to test their predictions, and come to conclusions based on their observations. Students become familiar with parsing information and using logical reasoning to explain results. These skills are essential when navigating a modern world expecting a high degree of scientific literacy, especially considering the present mire of misinformation available for consumption.

Alan Irwin, professor of science and technology studies, says that in order to “achieve better outcomes in decision making processes it is necessary to combine the knowledge of the experts with citizens’ knowledge and values. Scientific citizenship requires an open dialogue between science and citizens and transparency in information and knowledge exchange.” In light of this, it has become something of a citizen’s duty to understand and speak the language of science, and schools are tasked with preparing students for that duty.

Sometimes, in order to develop a strong understanding of science, students need a little more than what school can offer. In these cases, we recommend a fantastic science tutor!

Where Do I Look for a Fantastic Science Tutor?

We have previously outlined how to find the best tutoring company for your family, so we recommend you start with those tips. Some tutoring agencies specialize in a particular subject, while others, Tutoring…With A Twist* included, offer tutoring in a wide variety of subjects.

Working with a tutoring agency comes with many perks. Your child will be matched with a fantastic science tutor who best suits their personality and needs. Most agencies offer guarantees of success or your money back. Also, if you need to transition to a new tutor, the agency will handle that for you. It’s also possible to find an independent science tutor, but bear in mind that they won’t come with the above perks.

What to Look for in a Science Tutor


In school, “science” is an umbrella term for a few different subjects. Physics, chemistry, life science, astronomy, geology, and earth/environmental science each require different knowledge bases. Ideally a fantastic science tutor would be versatile enough to tutor in each subdiscipline, especially at the levels of grade 10 and younger—all of the subdisciplines are combined into a single course at those grade levels.

However, the grade 11 and 12 science courses are more specialized, so you may need one tutor for life science and a second tutor for physics, for example. Let your tutor know which science courses your child will be taking and ask if they’re comfortable tutoring all of them. Again, working with an agency helps immensely here—they can easily set you up with a fantastic science tutor for each subdiscipline.

fantastic science tutor chemistryAbility to Go Beyond the Curriculum

Many students simply want to achieve a certain grade in their science classes, but a truly fantastic science tutor can open up so many opportunities beyond better grades. When a science tutor brings genuine passion to each session, the possibilities are endless.

Ask your science tutor if they can connect the curriculum of your child’s science course to real-world processes and events, teaching additional content if necessary. Bonus points if they can relate the curricular content to your child’s personal passions! This will ensure that your child develops not just a better understanding of their required learning outcomes but also an appreciation for science and learning as a whole.

We Have a Fantastic Science Tutor for You!

At Tutoring…With A Twist*, we have a wonderful team of science tutors who are well versed in each of the scientific subdisciplines. We’ll take the time to match your child with the perfect fit based on their individual needs. Our twisted tutors always go the extra mile to ensure success beyond the classroom… it’s all part of the twist!

If you’d like to learn more about what the twist can do for you, we’d love to hear from you—feel free to contact us today.

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