How Tutoring Helps Students Thrive in School and Life

Most students seek the help of a tutor when their marks start to slip, seeing them as a golden ticket to good grades. If straight A’s are the goal, a tutor is certain to help them reach it. But an improvement in grades is only one of the ways how tutoring helps students.

how tutoring helps students goals

Achieve the Goals that Matter to You

Every student is unique, and that means they each have their own unique goals. Some just want better grades while others want to learn everything they can about a topic not covered in the curriculum. With a tutor by their side, no dream is too distant.

Even beyond the academic world, a tutor can function as a valuable mentor. Students, in pursuit of a measurable goal, can work on extracurricular projects with the guidance of a tutor. A project is a fun, exciting way for students to develop lasting life skills and fall in love with learning outside of school. Once they’ve developed a love of learning, there’s nothing they can’t do!

If a student isn’t sure what their goals are, a tutor can help pinpoint them. By establishing a close relationship with the student, a tutor can assist with self-assessment and guide the student as they discover what truly interests them. A bit of self-knowledge goes a long way!

Self-Sufficiency and Routine

Speaking of the self, self-sufficiency is one of the major ways how tutoring helps students. A tutor’s job is to help their students develop the skills to do things on their own. So, oddly enough, it’s a tutor’s job to work themselves out of a job!

Students who work with a tutor learn important critical-thinking skills that make new concepts and challenges less daunting at first glance. They also learn time-management and scheduling skills to help them keep track of the fifty million things going on in their lives. From these skills comes routine, and routine is a healthy, effective way to get stuff done.

how tutoring helps students stress

What Do Tutoring and a Deep-Tissue Massage Have in Common?

Well, they have in common the letters ‘t’, ‘u’, ‘i’, and ‘g’, but they’re also great ways to relieve stress! Stress and anxiety are massive barriers to overcome, especially in a school environment where students are fully responsible for their understanding (or misunderstanding) of the content.

Tutors take the burden of understanding and bear it themselves, making it their mission to teach in a way that best suits their students. This alleviates stress by allowing the student to explore the content at their own pace and without fear of getting a poor grade.

Tests, especially at the high school level, are another major source of stress. Students are seldom taught how to study, so it’s understandable that they get anxious when suddenly asked to do it. The development of good study habits is yet another way how tutoring helps students. If students are confident that their study regime is effective, they will feel less stressed when it’s time to write a test.

Test-taking itself is also a skill all its own, and a tutor can help with that as well. Once a student knows how to approach a test in a way that works for them, their stress levels will naturally decrease.

As a bonus, tutoring is a great stress reliever for parents too! You can relax knowing that your kids are building strong foundational skills and excelling in school, and you’ll no longer feel second-hand stress when it’s homework time.

‘The Twist’ Is How Tutoring Helps Students

At Tutoring…With a Twist*, we believe that every student is unique. So, we strive to create a truly personalized tutoring experience that is unique for each student. We go beyond the classroom by helping our students develop lasting life skills, giving them the confidence the to reach for the stars. Higher grades are a natural side effect!

If you’d like to learn more about what the twist has to offer, feel free to contact us. You’ll be glad you did!

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