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In British Columbia, students are required to take at least one science in grade 11 in order to graduate. For students looking to pursue a post-secondary education, chemistry is a common choice. Many colleges and universities require Chemistry 11 and 12 in order to apply for specific programs, so it’s a valuable course to take. However, there’s a reason it’s so highly valued.

Chemistry is not an easy subject, and many students struggle to master it.

Fortunately, Tutoring…With a Twist* can get you started with a Nanaimo chemistry tutor to make life easier. Our chemistry tutors are fully certified with degrees in science, and they are excited to help your student conquer the chemistry curriculum. This blog will outline the benefits of tutoring in chemistry and the many opportunities chemistry can provide.



Understand the Natural World

The world we live in is unbelievably complex, and we’re learning more about it every single day. Thanks to the discoveries of scientists

(many of them chemists), we have been able to achieve a quality of life that far surpasses that of past generations. Students who study chemistry will learn all about the inner workings of the world and how things interact on an atomic level, and this will help them develop an appreciation for just how precious life truly is.

In addition to learning about the world from a scientific standpoint, students will also learn valuable life lessons as they explore their chemistry courses. Chemistry teaches problem-solving skills that can be transferred to any situation in ordinary life outside of school. Students will also learn perseverance and develop effective study habits to help them succeed in any future projects they decide to undertake.

Our Nanaimo chemistry tutors incorporate the learning of life skills into each tutoring session, and this can be a great supplement to students going through the chemistry curriculum. Working with a chemistry tutor can help your student develop an even stronger understanding of the world around them while improving their confidence, organizational skills, and collaboration skills. If you’d like to learn all about how we focus on life skills with our tutoring, check out this page on life-skills education for more information.


Open up Pathways to Post-Secondarychemistry tutor student

Many colleges and universities across British Columbia and the rest of Canada require that students have a Chemistry credit in order to be admitted into certain programs. For students who aren’t too sure what they want to do after they graduate, taking chemistry can open up many opportunities once a decision is finally made. There’s nothing worse than being required to go back and upgrade courses after graduation, so your student can avoid all that by taking chemistry with the help of our tutors the first time around.

Programs that you might not expect to require a high school science credit will sometimes require one anyway, so make sure to check exactly what is necessary before applying. Fortunately, chemistry is recognized as an accredited science course across the country, so working with our Nanaimo chemistry tutors will make sure your student is covered.


Get the Grade You Want with a Nanaimo Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry isn’t the easiest class in the world, but our Nanaimo tutors can make it feel that way! When your student works with our twisted tutors, their grades will soar higher than they ever thought possible. Whether your child would just like to boost their grade a bit or aim for absolute perfection, our chemistry tutors will help them achieve all their goals with glowing confidence.

Students interested in attending college or university will find it much easier to apply with higher grades. For example, Camosun’s nursing program requires at least a 73% in Chemistry 12, and Vancouver Island University’s science programs require at least a 67%. Post-secondary institutions also consider a student’s final grades when limited spots are available, so working with a chemistry tutor eliminates the stress of being put on a waitlist.


Chemistry Leads to Rewarding Careerssuccessful chemistry student

There are many possibilities for students who choose to pursue studies in chemistry. The future holds a wealth of opportunities in well-established and developing industries around the world. Some of the largest issues currently facing humanity can be tackled by those with a strong background in chemistry.

Students interested in becoming medical and dental professionals require a solid understanding of chemistry in order to gain access to the post-secondary programs that lead to these careers. The skills learned in chemistry class work hand-in-hand with those learned in biology, and the two transition seamlessly into practical applications that can be used in a real laboratory or office environment.

Ambitious students who dream of changing the world will be glad to know that studying chemistry can help them achieve their goals. The solutions to problems such as climate change, alternate energy sources, and industrial sustainability are all very appealing, and chemistry can help us attain them. The applications of chemistry are endless, so it’s definitely worth studying in order to forge a better future in terms of both individual growth and quality of life improvements worldwide.

Successful chemistry students will also rejoice to know that their efforts can transition nicely into positions within the education system. Working with our Nanaimo chemistry tutors can even help them join our team of awesome chemistry tutors one day!


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Our twisted tutors would love the opportunity to work with your student. If you feel like the ‘twist’ is just what your student needs to succeed in chemistry, make sure to contact us! It’s never too late to start on the path to a love of learning.

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