Our Tutors

Penny Stowell-Smith

Live, Laugh, Learn!

Subjects Taught:

  • Reading: Grades K-6
  • Language Arts: Grades K-6
  • Math: Grades K-6
  • Social Studies: Grades K-6


  • Bachelor of Arts specializing in Psychology and Sociology
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Specialist in Special Education

Very similar to our founder, Amber Scotchburn, the fantastical Penny started her career in Social Work. She was employed by the Children’s Aid Society of Sault Ste. Marie and her responsibilities centered around children in foster care, their placement, and their families. As the foundation of Tutoring…With A Twist is that it’s child-centered, Penny comes to us with this understanding built already built in! This also means that she is well acquainted with the idea that teamwork makes the dream work! (See the “circles” in our Twisted System!)

After a few years as a Social Worker, Penny decided to pursue her passion (see the “litmus strip” in our Twisted System!) and moved to southern Ontario where she went back to school and completed her Bachelor of Education. Penny was hired by the Durham Board of Education where she taught most of her career!  

Penny is very familiar with Continuing Education as she spent three summers on campus at York University and achieved a Specialist in Special Education, as well as one year towards a Guidance Credential. These qualifications also solidify Penny’s understanding of The Twist!

Penny was chosen by her school board to attend a six-week training program for the hearing impaired. This training qualified her to teach a child with hearing impairment. Penny also taught Adult Education for a year. We love how Penny goes above and beyond!

Penny also taught in an Adult Education program.

Penny is now retired from her industrious career and lives in Nanaimo. She has become involved with hospice where she works with patients and their families in both the palliative care ward and their homes. She also facilitates grief groups in person and through Zoom.

Penny has been missing her interaction with learners and is now thrilled to re-engage with them as a Twisted Tutor! She feels that each teaching interaction is an opportunity to learn for both teacher and learner and can’t wait to teach and learn from her Twisted Learners! We are ecstatic that she found us!

As part of our Twisted Process, we have Initial Meetings where meet with your family to establish trust, and rapport and build a plan of success for your child. Penny will also be facilitating these meetings so keep your eye out for her there as well!


Learning Style Scores:
Visual: 6
Auditory: 7
Kinesthetic: 13


A Few of Her Favourite Things…

Favourite Quote:
“Roots and Wings are what we need to give our children.”

Favourite Movie:
The Bridges of Madison County

Favourite TV Show:
The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Game:
Wheel of Fortune

Favourite Book:
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Penny specializes in Twistedly Tutoring the following subjects:

Is Penny the right fit for your child or for you? We’d love to talk this important decision through with you. If you don’t see a subject that you need tutoring for, please call us at: 1-866-977-4433, check out the full list of Subjects we tutor in, or fill out our detailed form online. 

In Penny's own words:"The Twist is an innovative method of teaching based on the individual needs, interests, and strengths of the learner. Each of us learns in a different way; the Twist identifies that way for each learner and teaches to it."