What kids want you to know about math and science

Sometimes kids aren’t very vocal about what takes place at school, so it can be tough to judge how things are actually going.math and science student Report cards and parent-teacher interviews offer some insight, but they never really tell the full story. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of all the things kids want you to know about taking math and science in school.

All of this information comes with some helpful tips on how you can help your student succeed in these subjects, as well as resources to get you set up with a math tutor or science tutor in Victoria, Nanaimo, and the rest of Vancouver Island.


Math and science are black-and-white subjectsyoung science students

The main concept that separates math and science from a subject like social studies is the lengthy list of rules that needs to be followed in order to come up with a correct answer. While social studies encourages students to provide personal responses to questions, math and science only accept one true solution for each problem. 1 + 1 = 2, and that’s just a fact we need to accept. Kids who like to march to the beat of their own drum tend to struggle with that realization and adopt a negative relationship with math and science.

Students who prefer the dynamic of exploring grey areas in their schoolwork aren’t at a total loss, however. Math and science are capable of being explored in such a way, but it requires some creativity on the part of the teacher. This is where tutoring can be a lifesaver. Math tutors and science tutors can add some spice to make the work more exciting and implement the open-ended aspect found in other subjects.

If you’d like to learn more about how our tutors can jazz up your student’s courses, head over to our math tutoring and science tutoring webpages.


Just like an octagon, math and science have many angles

While there is always one correct answer in math and science, there are often many different ways to arrive at that answer. Most classrooms insist that students approach questions from multiple angles and are able to solve problems using more than one method, and this can cause tension in learning.

One particular method will make more sense to a student than each of the others, and they will have a tendency to lean on that method. Though they’re able to consistently get the right answers, they might be docked marks for neglecting the other methods.

If the other methods aren’t making sense to a student, they probably weren’t given the time or instruction necessary to become confident using those methods. The valuable one-on-one time spent with math tutors and science tutors can help students grow familiar with every possible way to approach a problem.

Math tutoring and science tutoring allow students to practice and make mistakes without the risk of losing marks in the process. Our ‘twisted’ tutors can explain everything in a way that makes sense and allows your student to thrive.


“I don’t like the teacher” is a really big dealyoung tutoring student

The importance of a student’s relationship with their teacher cannot be overstated. If a student has some sort of a complaint regarding their teacher, it can grow into an eventual dislike of the subject, even if it was a subject they used to like.

This can be a big issue in math and science classes where clear explanations and examples are key to developing an understanding. When a student feels like their teacher is too boring or can’t explain something in a way that makes sense, they will inevitably run into problems.

It isn’t always possible to transfer to a different class, but each classroom session can be supplemented with tutoring sessions. Our ‘twisted’ tutors will form a solid relationship with your student, one built on trust and confidence. They won’t hesitate to incorporate your child’s out-of-school passions into their lessons to stimulate interest and heighten their understanding of a concept. If this sounds like the sort of boost your child needs, check out our math tutoring and science tutoring webpages to find out more.


Math and science are hard!

The concepts introduced in math and science classes are meant to help students better understand how the world works, but the unfortunate truth is that the world is super complicated!

Students are expected to memorize the functions of things they can’t even see without a microscope and do calculations with numbers that also involve letters. It takes many hours of studying to master these ideas, and it isn’t easy. Trying to complete homework can be very difficult when insufficient class time is given to truly understand a concept, and this can be frustrating for both students as well as parents.

If classroom time isn’t enough, tutoring is always an option. Math tutors and science tutors encourage students to go at their own pace and won’t hurry through a section if a student needs more time to understand something.

Tutors know how to cater to each unique learning style so students can learn in a way that makes their brains happy. In this way, the stress surrounding math and science will be eliminated, and students and parents alike can stop the dreaded homework battle.

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