Twisted Tutoring Services, Pricing & Guarantee

Our Tutoring Agency has many flexible investment options. Please feel free to call us at 1-866-977-4433 to have an in-depth consultation and assessment as to which one would best suit your needs to get started today! We’d love to talk this important decision through with you. Or, fill out our detailed form online.


We guarantee success beyond the classroom. As the challenges children and young people regularly face are many, and require more than even the best numeracy and literacy skills, all of our Twisted Tutoring Plans pair a life skill with an academic skill. We guarantee success beyond the classroom through the life skills that we introduce and reinforce in each Twisted Tutoring Plan. We know this is successful because of the approach we use.

Therefore, our Twisted Learners walk away with, not only a better understanding of the subject they came to us for, but also:

  • Increased Confidence
  • A Passion for Learning
  • Resiliency
  • Transferable Skills

Pricing Overview

We value transparency—especially in our pricing! While some tutoring agencies require you to purchase large blocks of hours in advance or have convoluted pricing structures, we like to keep things simple.

We invoice monthly, only charging you for the hours and services you plan to use in the month ahead. If you commit to at least 10 one-hour sessions with our team, we drop the price a bit.

Here is a quick overview of our hourly rates, with more details outlined in the paragraphs below:

< 10 Sessions > 10 Sessions
Private Tutoring $55-$64 $49-$59
Semi-Private Tutoring N/A $30
Homework Club N/A $20

Did you know? Our rates are listed hourly but your sessions don’t have to be! We are happy to accommodate longer session times if that’s what works for your family.

Initial Twisted Tutoring Plan Meeting

After our initial gifted phone consultation, we match you with one of our amazing tutors. Next, we set up a Twisted Tutoring Plan Meeting as a team with yourself, your child, the tutor and our lead coach.

At the Twisted Tutoring Plan Meeting, the chosen tutor, the Lead Coach, yourself and any other family members, are present. We will review both a Twisted Parent Questionnaire and a Twisted Learner Questionnaire to create an Individualized Plan for Success for your child! The investment for this meeting is $197.

Please note this is a one-time investment. If you take a break from Twisted Tutoring and then return to us at a later time, we can skip the Twisted Tutoring Plan Meeting and pick up wherever we left off. Once we’re set up, you can consider us your “on call” tutoring team!

1) Private Twisted Tutoring

The Private Twisted Tutoring option involves one Twisted Learner with one of our highly specialized Twisted Tutors. The assigned Twisted Tutor is carefully selected for a Twisted Learner who is coming for a specific area of help. For example, some Twisted Learners need help with higher level math and sciences, second language acquisition, a special education need, test anxieties… Or the needs might be immediate, of a shorter term to help pass a course.

We recommend that sessions be used once or twice a week, depending on the identified need(s).

If less than ten one-hour sessions are booked and scheduled online, the investment is $55 per hour.  Ten or more one-hour sessions is an investment $49 per hour.

If less than ten one-hour sessions are booked and scheduled at the local public library, the investment is $59 per hour.  Ten or more one-hour sessions is an investment $55 per hour.

If less than ten one-hour sessions are booked and scheduled at home, the investment is $64 per hour.  Ten or more one-hour sessions is an investment $59 per hour.  If the Twisted Learner is less than 18 years of age, we require an adult to always be present, as well as the house environment be conducive to Twisted Tutoring. We can talk more about this when you call!

2) Semi-Private Twisted Tutoring

The Semi-Private Twisted Tutoring sessions have a maximum of three Twisted Learners with one of our highly specialized Twisted Tutors. All Twisted Learners come for the same academic or life skill area. It is an investment of $30 per hour per Twisted Learner. This is with the understanding that there is a commitment to ten one-hour sessions. We recommend that these sessions be used once or twice a week, depending on the identified need(s).

3) Twisted Hour Homework Club

The Twisted Hour Homework Club sessions are with a maximum of six Twisted Learners with one of our highly specialized Twisted Tutors. The Twisted Learners can be coming for a range of subject areas. Twisted Learners are taught a study skill and then apply it to completing of their homework. It is an investment of $20 per hour per Twisted Learner. This is booked in two-hour blocks.

Twisted Summer Tutoring

Avoid the Summer Slide by getting twisted with us this summer!  Tutoring…With A Twist* has a Twisted Summer planned for Twisted Learners of all ages and abilities in Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and Ladysmith. 
Click to learn more at Twisted Summer Tutoring!

Twisted Tutoring Monthly Reports:

At the end of each contract or at month end, our Twisted Tutoring Families receive an in-depth Twisted Tutoring Report which lays out what has occurred in each Twisted Tutoring session. This includes the goals, the topics covered, the material and methods used, and the amazing results. Progression is clearly tracked, and accountability is maintained! There is no extra cost for this: it is included in the hourly Twisted Tutoring investment.

FREE Tutoring

At Tutoring…With A Twist*, a win-win-win situation is what we are strive for! We are always honoured when a family trusts us, not only to work with their child, but to also refer us to their family, friends and co-workers. The referring family earns free tutoring! How?! Well, we see this as our gift to you. When a family signs up with us, we ask them how they heard about us. If they say your name, you earn a free hour of tutoring! This is just one of the ways we do our best to serve you!  

Interested in learning more!?!  Check out our locations and subjects, or connect with us by calling toll-free from anywhere in Canada at 1-866-977-4433, or completing our online Enquiry Form.

*Services provided by With a Twist Education Ltd.