Kinesthetic Learner

Confessions of a Kinaesthetic Learner

“That feels right to me”…

“I follow your drift”…

“My gut is telling me”…

“That doesn’t sit right”….

My language is all about feelings and movement. I remember what I do more than what I hear, see, or read. I am usually good at sports and have trouble sitting still. I often have poor spelling and/or poor handwriting. I can sometimes make snap decisions or give snap answers because I often act first and think later. I sometimes get called hyperactive or sensitive.         

How to help me learn:

Give me an opportunity to sit and think about concepts before I join group discussions. This encourages me to think first before I “jump right in.”

I remember by using tools, making models, and manipulating things. For example, use coloured aquarium stones (available at the dollar store) to teach math; especially fractions and equations.

Provide me a demonstration; let me imitate you and practice often.

Role-playing, simulations, and action stories will help me learn; especially in areas such as history, social studies, and other social sciences.

Remind me that writing and drawing are both physical activities. Encourage me to make them big and colourful.

I love to be physical, so if you can make learning fun with activities. Word or math hopscotch, throwing bean bags at the answers, or tossing a ball back and forth while reciting facts.

Sometimes I tap my toes, snap my fingers or fidget. It’s just because it helps me learn. Give me an object to play with (like a squeeze ball) or one of those bouncy balls to sit on. This lets me be active in acceptable ways.

Help me develop my other learning styles. Start with using props and models and encourage me to work towards the conceptual. Please be patient and slow; this may take a lot of repetition and practice.

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