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How Much Does a Tutor Cost in Canada?

When searching for the perfect tutor for your child, you might find yourself asking the question: how much does a tutor cost? Some tutors and agencies make potential clients jump through hoops to discover their rates. At Tutoring…With a Twist*, we believe in transparency, so our hourly rates are available below.

1-on-1 online


1-on-1 in public (library, coffee shop, etc.)


1-on-1 in home


Group sessions

Contact us for specific group rates

These rates are standardized, so you’ll pay the same rate for grade 1 English tutoring as you will for university-level Science tutoring.

Other organizations will charge a variety of rates depending on the nature of the tutoring. Larger agencies and highly specialized tutors (university level) tend to charge more for their services. Independent tutors often offer lower rates.

Independent Tutorshow much does a tutor cost agency

Tutors working for themselves usually charge less than those working for an organization. This makes sense since organizations have extra business expenses to manage. With that said, some independent tutors charge as little as $30/hour while others can exceed $100/hour.

When hiring an independent tutor, make sure to do your homework. You won’t have the protection of working with a certified company, so you need to be certain before committing. Working with an independent tutor also means it will be your responsibility to find a new tutor if things don’t work out. To get around this, tutoring agencies can help.

Tutoring Agencies

How much does a tutor cost at a tutoring agency? Typically, the minimum rate is $45/hour, but many factors can influence that number. Some agency rates can be as high as $80/hour or more.

One-on-one private tutoring is more expensive than group tutoring, and in-person sessions usually cost more than online ones. Also, signing up for a bundle of sessions is often cheaper than paying for individual sessions.

Working with an agency comes with many perks. Your child will be matched with a tutor who suits them, and they’ll have the opportunity to try a different tutor if things don’t work out. Many agencies also promise success or your money back.

If you would like more information, we made another post exploring why you should hire a tutoring agency.

How to Choose a Tutoring Agency

There are many different tutoring agencies to choose from, so how do you know which one is the best? We’ve previously talked about when to hire a tutor and how to hire a tutor, but the tips below will help you choose the right agency for YOU.

Read the Fine Print

Before you commit to a tutoring agency, make sure you read everything. Some agencies will make guarantees that are only valid under specific circumstances. You might have to purchase large blocks of tutoring hours before any tutoring even takes place.

Certain agencies require you to sign up for an extended plan spanning many months. Before you sign any documents, make sure you know exactly what they entail. A competent agency shouldn’t have to force you into long commitments. Look for an agency that offers a month-to-month system. If things don’t work out, you can abort mission without losing your wallet.

Let the Agency Do the Work

A good tutoring agency will take care of all the overhead work for you. Monthly scheduling, billing, and progress reports are among the services they should provide. If the agency isn’t willing to handle these tasks, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Also, if a particular tutor can’t connect with your child, it’s the agency’s job to find a replacement tutor. You shouldn’t have to look around for someone new; the agency should set you up with a new tutor immediately.

Ask Questions

When considering hiring a tutoring agency, you should feel comfortable asking questions like the following:

  • How do you choose your tutors?
  • Are your tutors certified?
  • Do you require criminal record checks?
  • Are your tutors equipped to work with special education students?
  • What is the cancellation policy?

These are just a handful of questions you should ask a tutoring agency. If they can provide direct answers to questions like these, chances are you’ve found a good fit. If not, you might want to try a different agency.

Before handing over a large sum of money, make sure the agency can answer all questions to your satisfaction. Some will ask for a large financial commitment up front (we recommend avoiding these), and they don’t deserve your money if they can’t show a little honesty.

How Much Does a Tutor Cost at Tutoring…With a Twist?how much does a tutor cost independent

At Tutoring…With a Twist*, we want to make sure you never have to ask, “how much does a tutor cost?” That means we’re up front with our rates from the get-go. You won’t pay any hidden fees, and we’ll guarantee success with any number of tutoring hours.

We have a diverse team of twisted tutors, and we know we can find the right fit for your child. If things don’t feel perfect right away, we’ll set you up with a new tutor immediately. We’re always here for you!

When you get twisted with us, you won’t have to pay for large blocks of tutoring. We work on a month-to-month system, so you aren’t tied down by a lengthy contract that spans many months.

You’ll receive monthly reports so you can see exactly what your child is working on and what kind of progress they’re making. As a Twisted Family, you’ll even have a chance to earn free tutoring sessions!

If you would like a detailed breakdown of our prices (and instructions on how to get free tutoring), head over to our Twisted Services and Pricing page.

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We would love to be a part of your child’s success story. If you’re ready to empower your kids and win the homework battle, we encourage you to get in touch. Good grades and higher confidence await!

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