When to Hire a Tutor

Does your child need a tutor?  Here is a checklist of 14 reasons why your son or daughter may need a tutor.  If your child is experiencing any of the following, please give us a call to help you find the best solution for your family!

Is your child having trouble completing their homework?

Is your child constantly asking you how to do something? Do they have a lot of incompletes in the homework section of their agenda? Do they fight with you about doing their homework? Again, communication with your child and his/her teacher is key to see if the areas of trouble can be narrowed down. Certainly, this would be an indication that you might all need a little help to make your evenings run a little more smoothly!

Is your child taking a subject that nobody in the house is knowledgeable about?

Sometimes when a child is taking a course that we, as parents/guardians, know little to nothing about, it might be a great idea to connect them with somebody who does. So, for instance, we have clients that are in a French Immersion program and yet nobody in their house speaks French. Another common subject of difficulty is the dreaded Math! It may be that you can’t remember that far back to help, or you understand it so well that you can’t understand how somebody else just “doesn’t get it”!

Has your child teacher communicated with you that their grades are slipping?

This is one of the best indications! The teacher is somebody that can certainly be seen as the expert in the situation and can be one of the best advocates for exactly what help will be beneficial! We love to work as a TEAM and always think it’s awesome when everybody can work together to help the person who is floundering! One of our first questions is: “Can we get in touch with your child’s teacher?”!

Has your child been tested or suspected of a learning disability?

We could engage in a whole other discussion as to labeling and medicating of children, but that will be for another time! An amazing tutor in this case would be able to give your child the opportunity to have their uniqueness recognized and special given attention to their specific learning needs. I like to say we work with one mind at a time!

Have you moved?

Sometimes there are gaps in a child’s learning when they move. This could be in part because the teachers are at different points in the curriculum or your son/daughter’s mind is elsewhere focusing on what they’ve left behind or how they’re going to fit into their new situation.

How long does your child spend on homework?

This may be difficult to gauge as when you talk to parents these days, there seems to be added pressure in this area which leads to the question how much homework is too much? Putting that question aside, if you feel that your child is spending an extraordinary amount of time on homework, check in with their teacher. Get a gauge as to how much time, realistically, they should be spending on it. If they are well above what the teacher indicates as the norm, this will indicate to you that it’s time for a tutor!

Ensure you are hiring a tutor that isn’t going to pile more work onto the already drowning person and instead look to hire someone who sees that part of completing homework is figuring out how to organize and prioritize!

Do you have to fight with your child to go to school?

If so, this could indicate that he/she is struggling in the classroom and is embarrassed. In our experience, one of the most common reasons children site experiencing embarrassment at school is when they feel they are “dumb”. See if your child can articulate to you what is going on for them. As there could be other reasons that would make your child not want to go to school, please connect with the school to get their expert opinion. If it’s determined it’s related to how they are feeling about their level of

competency, hiring a tutor could help!

Do they have something specific coming up (i.e. Exam, Entrance Tests, Speech Contest, Essay, Thesis)?

Sometimes one might just need some extra help with something new or with an overwhelming amount of information. If you’ve noticed that your child has some anxiety related to tests, a tutor can help them narrow down just what it is that they need to concentrate on! If your child has a new independent school project to do that may involve a skill set you are not comfortable with, this would be another great time to call a tutor.

Does it feel as though you are doing your child’s homework?

This is a very common complaint parents have. And it’s especially frustrating for single parents, parents of children involved in a lot of extra curriculars, and as mentioned above, for parents of children that do not have knowledge in a particular subject area. If you are having a hard time stepping away from their homework, this might be an awesome time to have a tutor remove that pressure!

Has your child asked for a tutor?

If your child is self-identifying that is an amazing skill set to have. Our society has a hard time asking for help so encourage this in your child by acting upon their request!

Is your child not relating to their teacher?

Let’s face it, sometimes personalities conflict or one person has a style that doesn’t work for another. We are all human! If this is a constant comment that your son/daughter is making, explore that with them and if it’s not something that can be rectified at the school level, then a tutor might be necessary. It would be crucial to then hire an agency as opposed to an individual tutor as this will give your child the opportunity to feel as though they have some choice in their education!

Has your child missed a significant period of a school year?

As mentioned above, a child may miss significant chunks of school due to a move; but it could also be due to a family crisis, a mental health concern such as anxiety or depression, or a physical health concern, be it a chronic sickness or simply a broken leg. Gaps in education can be a key as to why some kids struggle. For instance, in Math, key concepts build upon one another. When a child misses a key concept in Math, it might go unnoticed at the time, but can greatly affect one’s education, leading to difficulties with a later level.

Is your child getting in trouble at school?

Quite often behavioural issues can stem from a lack of understanding the classroom material for a multitude of reasons. After some exploration among the staff and your child as to the cause of this, if it’s as a result of any of the above points from our checklist, then a call to a tutor is a great idea!

Has your family recently experience loss?

Think of loss this way; as a loss to your child’s world.  This could be something like your child witnesses a stressful situation that causes then to lose some of their innocence.  It could mean your child losing time with a parent during a separation or divorce.  Or it could mean that your child has lost some they care for due to a death or sickness.  Loss can cause stress may change your child’s outlook and attitude, which in turn affects how approach school.  Often, children will display many of the above characteristics during period of stress or loss.

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