Frequently Asked Questions

We meet our Learners where they are  and the help them build the confidence to get where they need to be.

We look at our Learners as individuals with their own learning style, strengths and passions. With our Signature Twisted Process, we tap into these areas to help them be successful.

We use a collaborative team approach to get a full picture of our Learner to create and carry out the best Twisted Tutoring Plan EVER!

Tutoring…With A Twist offers:

  • advancement in Academic Subjects
  • enhancement of Life Skills
  • a Collaborative Team Approach
  • individualized Twisted Tutoring Plan
Our Tutoring agency’s “Twist” is a multi-faceted approach to learning, which involves combining Life Skills Based Education, Project Based Learning and S.M.A.R.T. Assessment.

Life Skills Based Education refers to an interactive process of teaching and learning that enables learners to acquire knowledge and to develop attitudes and skills that foster healthy, positive life long learning  behaviours.

Project Based Learning determines how our individualized tutoring programs are structured.

The S.M.A.R.T. System is  a method to measure  our learners’ tutoring results.

We guarantee success beyond the classroom through the skills that we introduce and reinforce.

Simply because your child will:

  • enhance skills which are crucial to his/her every day life;
  • advance in core subjects;
  • increase communication skills and improve  self-discipline;
  • have guaranteed success beyond the classroom;
  • invest in him/herself  & develop self-motivation;
  • reap the rewards of developing organizational & planning skills.
The challenges children and young people regularly face are many, and require more than even the best numeracy and literacy skills.

All of our Twisted Tutoring Plans pair a life skill with an academic skill. We guarantee success beyond the classroom through the life skills that we introduce and reinforce in each Plan. As well, this is guaranteed through the Twisted approach that we use.

Our Twisted Learners walk away with, not only a better understanding of the subject they came to us for, but also:

  • increased Confidence
  • a Passion for Learning
  • resiliency
  • transferable Skills
We are passionate and invested in each of our Learner’s successes and failures. Our Twisted Process is transparent, as our fees are. We go above and beyond for every Learner. This is not just a business, but also a way of life!

Our founder, Amber Scotchburn, is not only an Educator but also, a recognized Parenting Expert. While the Twisted Tutoring practices help your child, they also offer peace of mind to the parent who’s struggling.

As a parent, we know there are many competing demands for time, energy and financial resources. Also, most parents endlessly question if they are doing the best for their child. Our Twisted Signature Process is designed to guide you as a parent on best practices to ensure your child’s success in school and life. We also take the guesswork out of what’s best for your child in regards to their academics. We take your commitment to us very seriously and are honoured that you trust our Twisted Agency with your child.

Furthermore, our Founder, Amber Scotchburn is a recognized parenting expert and author on Parenting with her own Podcast, Book and Radio Segment, all entitled: Parenting…With A Twist. Find out more in the Parenting Corner of our website!

Let’s just say, you will not need to remortgage your house!

As one of our core values is transparency, our costs are all explained in detail on our website, as well as in writing.

We have an initial Twisted Tutoring Planning Meeting that is $97. At this Session, we require a three hour deposit for future tutoring sessions. This deposit is used for the first three hours of tutoring; it is given back in tutoring time.

The amount of the deposit depends on how many one-on-one tutoring sessions are booked as the price per hour is dependent upon the number of sessions booked. If less than ten sessions are booked, then the price per hour is $55. If ten sessions or more are booked, then the price is $49 an hour. Therefore, the deposit is either $165 or $147.

We have group tutoring sessions available as well at a lower price point of either $20 per hour or $30 per hour. When we have our initial phone conversation, we will be able to determine which opportunity is best for your child.

We invite you to think of this as an investment in your child’s future. Why? With the confidence gained and the skills acquired, your child will only soar from this point forward.