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Don Gow

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  • Bachelor of Education, Minor: French
  • Credits also in Statistics, Linear Algebra Pascal Programming and Calculus

Don Gow is a professional tutor who has enjoyed a successful career as a classroom and online teacher for the past 30 years. He has provided his skills to numerous schools throughout British Columbia, China and The Philippines. He has been with Tutoring…With A Twist for almost four years!

Don appreciates and endorses the progressive philosophy that is promoted and delivered by the Tutoring…With A Twist program. As a professional educator, Don sincerely believes in individualized instruction and the enhancement of life skills. He profoundly endorses the practice of enhancing student self-esteem and helping students learn how to learn. He enacts The Twist with every learner and has a special knack in working with those deemed “at risk”.

The subject area with which he has demonstrated the greatest teaching proficiency is Mathematics, however, he has also enjoyed considerable success in teaching English, French, Spanish, Science, and Physical Education.

As a result of having worked with approximately 6,000 students over the past 30 yearsDon happily shares that most of his students remember him as a positive, pleasant, responsible, considerate and dedicated instructor with a genuine desire to ensure the success of each student every day. As the proud father of four talented and resourceful children, it has become evident that Don has passed along to the next generation his passion for intellectual development and education. After having plied his craft in northern British Columbia for the past 26 years he has recently returned to Vancouver Island to be close to his children and grandchildren. We’ve been fortunate to have his services since his move to the Island!

Don specializes in Twistedly Tutoring in the following areas:

Is Don the right fit for your child or for you? We’d love to talk this important decision through with you. If you don’t see a subject that you need tutoring for, please call us at: 1-866-977-4433, check out the full list of Subjectswe tutor in,  or  fill out our detailed form online. 

In Don's own words:"I genuinely enjoy my connection with Tutoring...With A Twist because I get the opportunity to help teenagers and young adults in their pursuit of academic success within the school system and the university environment. I truly enjoy the students I work with because they are polite, respectful, responsible and appreciative of my efforts on their behalf.

I enjoy the fact that I can help students see the value of their understanding of Mathematics as an essential and practical skill in their progress towards adulthood. They can see that by improving their capacity to compute with numbers in various circumstances they will enjoy greater personal empowerment as adults. The Twist in a nutshell ;)!

I also greatly appreciate my working relationship with the founder, Amber Scotchburn, because she is articulate, bright, conscientious, dependable, enthusiastic, friendly, and genuine. Amber clearly knows how to promote the virtues of the Tutoring...With a Twist program in the marketplace which means that I get to work with the most amazing young adults!

The 'Twist' in Tutoring...With A Twist involves building the confidence, self-esteem and relevant life-skills of each student so that each student can recognize that the skills they are learning will help them throughout life. They will not simply be 'hopping through hoops' to gain credit in a course. We do this through helping students to feel comfortable with the learning process by recognizing the student as a unique and capable person.”