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Why Tutoring Is Bad for Your Child – Dispelling Common Myths

It is human nature to scrutinize everything, and such scrutiny has been instrumental in developing the modern world. The scientific method demands it. Industry relies on it for optimization. Human rights depend on it. But when the conclusions of scrutiny are premature and unfounded, they become nothing more than myths, such as the myths about why tutoring is bad for children.

Below are some common myths about tutoring accompanied by reasons why they are untrue.

Students Become Dependent on Their Tutorswhy tutoring is bad student

After spending so much time receiving help from a tutor, it seems to make sense that a student would become reliant on them. The same is true of most medications, of course, and tutoring is a sort of education medication, is it not?

Not exactly. A tutor is more than just a bandage to slap on a wounded report card. Sure, many people seek the help of a tutor to improve their grades, but a tutor’s work goes beyond turning C’s into A’s. In fact, it is a tutor’s job to work themselves out of a job—i.e., a tutor’s foremost goal is to help their students develop the skills necessary to work independently.

Rather than simply teaching the curriculum, tutors focus on building their students’ transferable skills like critical thinking, organization, and accountability. These skills translate directly into success both within and outside of the classroom. And, equipped with these skills, students become fully self-sufficient and no longer need tutoring.

Tutoring Is a Waste of Money

Why pay for something that your kids get at school for free? Throwing money around won’t magically make your kid a better student. Well, many years of research and countless testimonials suggest that this is yet another myth about why tutoring is bad.

Tutoring provides a pressure-free space for a student to explore their schoolwork in a way that feels natural and enjoyable. They can engage with each topic with a level of intrigue and fascination that a classroom simply can’t offer, oftentimes going beyond the curriculum to more deeply investigate their keenest interests. The result is a confident, inquisitive student who knows they have the tools to take on the world.

There are certainly some cases where tutoring doesn’t work, but there are many potential reasons why, so don’t blame tutoring as a whole right away. If you’re concerned because you’ve heard about, or have personally had, a negative tutoring experience, check out our blog post explaining what to do if tutoring doesn’t work.

If the financial cost of tutoring is too high a barrier, we invite you to consider our flexible pricing options.

Tutoring Hurts a Child’s Confidencewhy tutoring is bad confidence

You would never directly tell your child that they’re dumb, but isn’t that kind of what you’re doing when you suggest that they need a tutor?

Not at all! As we’ve mentioned in another blog post, you’re not dumb if you need a tutor. There is a persistent stigma suggesting that tutees are somehow less intelligent than students who don’t attend tutoring, and it simply isn’t true. A lot of students ask for tutoring themselves, even if they already have high grades. So, your child doesn’t need to feel bad about having a tutor.

However, forcing your child into tutoring against their will or threatening them with tutoring as a punishment for poor grades will hurt their confidence. Tutoring is not something to be feared; it is a process that works for and with the student to help them achieve their goals. When you discuss tutoring with your child, be sure to mention that it is not a punishment and that you, your child, and the tutor will be working as a team.

If you think your child might need a tutor but you’re worried that they’ll feel offended or lose confidence when you mention it, we can help. We’re always happy to explain what tutoring looks like, how it feels, and why it’s wonderful. The key is making sure that everyone is on the same page and understands the reason tutoring is being considered. That’s why, whenever we work with a new family, we always start with a ‘twisted’ meeting to discuss the process, set goals, and dispel myths.

There Is No Reason Why Tutoring Is Bad… It’s a Myth!why tutoring is bad success

After working with students for over twenty years, our twisted founder, Amber Scotchburn, can attest to the overwhelmingly positive results tutoring produces, especially through her patented twisted tutoring! Our twisted tutors follow a unique system of tutoring guaranteed to make a difference in your child’s life. If you’d like to find out more about what the twist can do for you, or if you still believe there are reasons why tutoring is bad, please contact us.

For a little taste of what twisted tutoring is like, come hang out with some of our twisted tutors on the Tutoring…With a Twist* YouTube channel. You’ll find free audiobooks, fun activities, and more!

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