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After School Tutoring – Succeed in School and Beyond

It’s no secret that school is tough, and the key to success shouldn’t be a secret either. The traditional approach of brick-and-mortar schools works for some students, but other students need something more. This is where after school tutoring comes in.

After school tutoring can help students of all ages and backgrounds. No matter the subject matter or level of difficulty, you can rest assured there’s a tutor for your student. The best part? Students who take part in after school tutoring will start to see success in other areas of life too!

Experience a Change of Pace with After School Tutoringafter school tutoring success

School moves at its own pace, and students are expected to keep up. Deadlines and test dates cause stress and can negatively impact a student’s learning experience. This means more energy is spent worrying and less energy is spent enjoying learning.

Taking part in after school tutoring can break the cycle. Working with a tutor allows students to move forward at their own pace and nurture a healthy relationship with learning. When students have time to work comfortably, they can develop an intimate understanding of the material without stress.

Students are often so concerned with getting everything done that they don’t have time to enjoy what they’re learning. Working with a tutor can help students discover what it is they love and connect their passions to their schoolwork. It’s not mandatory to love school, but it is every tutor’s goal to help their students love learning!

Working Beyond the Classroom Can Make All the Differenceafter school tutoring learning

Quite simply, the classroom environment doesn’t work for everyone. It might be too boring, distracting, or stressful, and sometimes the teacher can’t connect with the students. Each of these factors can cause a student to dislike school and the subjects taught there.

After school tutoring can help students see learning in a new light. Working in a comfortable space with personal items (favourite toy, pet, etc.) close at hand can help students associate schoolwork with happy thoughts. When this happens, learning is a breeze!

A tutor makes it their goal to forge healthy relationships with students, and the one-on-one environment helps facilitate that. When a student forms a strong bond with an educator, learning becomes something they actually want to do. Suddenly, school becomes easier, and confidence levels soar!

After School Tutoring Takes Learning into the Real Worldafter school tutoring real world

When stuck in a classroom, students can become disconnected from the world around them. It starts to feel like school and life are two separate, unrelated things. This can quickly lead to a lack of interest in school and everything that takes place there. Fortunately, a tutor can help.

Connecting the classroom to the real world can help students find value in what they’re doing at school. When students can see the real-world applications of their subjects, everything will have a greater degree of meaning. After school tutoring can provide students with that connection and take them the extra distance not provided at school.

As students begin to make progress with after school tutoring, their grades will naturally improve. They’ll also start to improve in areas teachers don’t normally grade. Organization, work ethic, critical thinking, problem solving, and time management are some of the life skills students will learn through after school tutoring.

How Do I Get Started?after school tutoring life skills

Tutoring…With a Twist* offers flexible after school tutoring options that work with your schedule. We’re available for in-person tutoring across Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville, and the Comox Valley. We also offer global services through our online tutoring platform.

After school tutoring looks different for everyone. Some students do as little as one hour per week, and others do as much as six hours or more. Every little bit counts and can give your student the confidence they need to succeed.

Our twisted tutors work with students of all grade levels and abilities in math, English, social studies, science, French, and life skills. We recognize that every student is unique, and we’ll put together a one-of-a-kind plan that works for your student. If you’d like to learn more about what the twist can do for you, feel free to contact us.

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*Services provided by With a Twist Education Ltd.

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